Alice Kathryn Richardson

Bose Corporation

This is a reel of selected works that I produced while at Bose Corporation.

It opens with a clip from the launch of Bose at HSN. As the host introduces the brand, a clip plays in the background featuring several different Bose products. I managed the production of this clip, gathering existing content clips and editing them together to use as a video introduction to define the Bose brand.

The second clip is from a live show at QVC, featuring the Bose Solo. This was the first show that I produced for Bose on QVC, and we sold out the product for that show making it one of the most successful last year. I produced the brand new demo shown, set up the product and attended the pre-pro meetings at the QVC studios.

The instructional video “Systems Approach” is the third clip. This clip was produced for the retail environment, and used to show the unique way the product works. This was the first clip for which I produced the English master, and I managed the gathering of existing clips along with the creation of a new animation in the very first sequence. This clip was edited slightly for time.

A video for the Bose SoundLink around-ear wireless II headphones is the last clip in this reel. For this project, I produced the language customization for the North American, European and Asia/Pacific markets. Edited together are clips from the English, French, Hungarian and Russian versions.

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